DIY | tailored gift box


Isn’t it always the same story? A nice present but no adequate packaging. Neither color, texture, size or even price does not fit. Here is THE solution: a bit of salvaged cardboard (admit it, you have a pile in your basement since the last time you moved), a cutter and this tutorial. You will NEVER be in this embarrassing situation again! Continue reading

Gift packaging idea: Pokémon balls


The past week-end, I went to a wedding. The friends who married wished some money to finance their honey moon as guest gift. Also, it is tradition in Germany for the guests to organize some game related to the couple during the party. We had the idea to combine both: the couple would have to ‘earn’ its gift by winning a game. We choose the theme ‘ Pokémon, catch them all’ and we needed some Poké-balls to play. Continue reading

DIY Monthly organizer

I know, it is not really the time of the year when people usually search for calendars. But I moved in a new apartment at the beginning of the month and since my boyfriend and I have dissimilar life rhythms, we found necessary to own a common calendar to organize our time. I find that an a analog version, traditionally hung on the wall of the kitchen, would be perfect. This way, I made this:


In case you were wondering what this is: a DINA3 monthly organizer. Wanna make the same? Here you go! Continue reading

DIY project: advent candle holder

Christmas is at the corner and I don’t really like this explosion of kitsch in the air… I prefer a more toned decoration for this occasion. That is why I thought about what I could 1/ make myself (it is always more glorifying than by something) 2/ looks good 3/ is not so expansive to realize 4/ that I will still like next year. So I came with this out:final Continue reading

DIY: wall hanging hexagons


It is quite a long time I posted the last do-it-yourself tutorial. Lack of time I guess! But as I saw these wooden hexagons on sales lately, I couldn’t resist buying them and pass them a new background. I decided to make one with paper tiles (as I created in this post) and one with a lighter background to highlight a little greenery. Continue reading

DIY: jewelry organizer

Being quite busy lately I did not take the time to write here. But I hope this easy do it yourself tutorial will make it all better and help you have a good start in the week! Remember an earlier post in which I showed you how to store earrings on a cheese grater? It is fine but not so easy for storing the smaller earrings. I had another idea for those.1 Continue reading