DIY | tailored gift box


Isn’t it always the same story? A nice present but no adequate packaging. Neither color, texture, size or even price does not fit. Here is THE solution: a bit of salvaged cardboard (admit it, you have a pile in your basement since the last time you moved), a cutter and this tutorial. You will NEVER be in this embarrassing situation again! Continue reading

DIY | Storage for spices


This could be a beautiful idea of a gift. I brought some fresh spices from my latest travel (I definitively have to upload the pictures of this travel on the blog) and the original packaging was… how to say… it did not correspond to my taste. (Was it tactful enough? ) So I came to the idea to DIY something totally different. Here is the tutorial to custom these adorable little jars. Continue reading

Golden times


Dear readers, I was absent here for quite a while now. But today I finally found the time to write here again! This time of the year is wonderful, in particular when the sun shines over the iced landscape every morning… love to wake up with such a beauty all around. So why not invite some winter feeling in the house? Continue reading

Xmas gift list


Everyone is freaking out at this time of the year, as every year. The reason is: finding an appropriate gift for every person you want to treat for x-mas is not as easy as one could think. I thought at those who have no time to / don’t want to go shopping in town: I made a selection of items that are all available on the online shop of H&M, all with a price tag that do not exceed 35E. Continue reading

Natural winter decoration

titlepicture :

If, like me, you like a natural decoration for winter time, I recommend to stop by at ikea. I found on their online store some interesting things I would like to add to my living room for the holiday season. I though you could be interested in a selection of decoration items in natural tones, staying on a budget! Continue reading

DIY project: advent candle holder

Christmas is at the corner and I don’t really like this explosion of kitsch in the air… I prefer a more toned decoration for this occasion. That is why I thought about what I could 1/ make myself (it is always more glorifying than by something) 2/ looks good 3/ is not so expansive to realize 4/ that I will still like next year. So I came with this out:final Continue reading