Gift packaging idea: Pokémon balls


The past week-end, I went to a wedding. The friends who married wished some money to finance their honey moon as guest gift. Also, it is tradition in Germany for the guests to organize some game related to the couple during the party. We had the idea to combine both: the couple would have to ‘earn’ its gift by winning a game. We choose the theme ‘ Pokémon, catch them all’ and we needed some Poké-balls to play. Continue reading

Make your own diary


Professional, personal, electronic, paper, calendar… everyone needs an interface to organize their time and not forget appointments: begin a new year equals new diary.  It may be old fashioned but I like to write, cross off, and bring some colors in a paper version… and it is a nice way to remember the events of the past years when you take a look at your old agendas/diaries. This is the reason why I begin a new paper diary every January and this year I chose to make it myself. This article is a tutorial to reproduce it for you, with free downloadable design!

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DIY project: advent candle holder

Christmas is at the corner and I don’t really like this explosion of kitsch in the air… I prefer a more toned decoration for this occasion. That is why I thought about what I could 1/ make myself (it is always more glorifying than by something) 2/ looks good 3/ is not so expansive to realize 4/ that I will still like next year. So I came with this out:final Continue reading