DIY | tailored gift box


Isn’t it always the same story? A nice present but no adequate packaging. Neither color, texture, size or even price does not fit. Here is THE solution: a bit of salvaged cardboard (admit it, you have a pile in your basement since the last time you moved), a cutter and this tutorial. You will NEVER be in this embarrassing situation again!

You need (okay, a very few things more than cardboard and a cutter…):

  • a clean piece of cardboard (with 60x60cm, you will be able to make a box for the most sorts of presents)
  • eventually sprain paint, in the case you do not want keeping the natural color of cardboard
  • metallic ruler and a cutter
  • broad tape | I used some ‘sticky kraft tape’ (I do not know the name for the Kraft tape, that becomes sticky when wet…)
  • a pen

Note: do not forget to protect you table or else while cutting with the cutter! Same thin for spray painting!

How to:

Measure the present you want to make the box for. Evaluate the dimension the box must have, so your present will fit in. Then: a bit of math. Don’t be afraid, it is Kindergarden level!


A box has 6 faces. Every two opposite faces have the same dimensions. See right-hand picture above (the sides with identical dimensions have the same color). The edges, that are shown with arrows, have the same length. Are you still there? Then you can add a 7th smaller face to facilitate closing the box.

Cut the pattern you draw on the cardboard. Next, mark the cardboard with the backside of the cutter blade to facilitate folding the box. Fold.


Cut the ‘sticky kraft tape’ at the length of the edges you want to hold together and stick. (tip: it is easier to wet the kraft tape when using a wet sponge). Repeat for all edges, that have to be bonded.  Your box is ready!

Now you can fill it and wrap it in some nice gift paper or spray paint it in the color you want. How do you feel now you have the power to create boxes that perfectly fit your presents? Stay tuned for the next tutorial: how to DIY individual gift tags !


Pictures, ideas and opinions are mine. Please respect my property.

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