Golden times


Dear readers, I was absent here for quite a while now. But today I finally found the time to write here again! This time of the year is wonderful, in particular when the sun shines over the iced landscape every morning… love to wake up with such a beauty all around. So why not invite some winter feeling in the house? Continue reading

DIY project: advent candle holder

Christmas is at the corner and I don’t really like this explosion of kitsch in the air… I prefer a more toned decoration for this occasion. That is why I thought about what I could 1/ make myself (it is always more glorifying than by something) 2/ looks good 3/ is not so expansive to realize 4/ that I will still like next year. So I came with this out:final Continue reading

Interior styling: mix Scandinian with ethnic

The winter is slowly settling down and we are longing for a cosy feeling at home. Since I particularly like both the Scandinavian and the ethnic styles, I decided to try a mix of elements of both styles. I chose soft colors to help the objects working together and to create a pleasant picture for the eyes. Here is my selection of items that should help you realize a comfy interior quite easily…salondhiver Continue reading

Design to live

Sometimes it is nice to look out of the box and pay attention to the work of artists and designers that are not represented by the common brands. This is how I found the clock “Rhei”, conceived by Damjan Stankovic (see how his invention shows the time with ferrofluids here) or the designer duo Hunting&Narud with the hanging mirror “Rise & Shine”. Here is a small selection of my favorites of the moment:

all Continue reading

Home style in black and grey

I took a week off of the everyday hustle. It means no internet, no cell phone… just calm, sun and waves. Now I am back and I just feel like decluttering my home as well as my timetable! So this post is about interior in calm soft grey with a hit of black and wood. A good mix to add some serenity to the home with minimalistic accessoires: everything comes in use in the everyday life and is well deigned. Who needs useless decoration?all Continue reading

Black and white simplicity

With the sun pointing out for spring arrives the need of clarity, simplicity and the will to declutter the entire house. Or at least it is what the media say we need to. So, if you want to follow the trend and live with functional furniture that have a simple and pure design, here is a selection I made for you: simplicity, black and white, quality and comfort are the key words!

B&Wsimplicity Continue reading