Xmas gift list


Everyone is freaking out at this time of the year, as every year. The reason is: finding an appropriate gift for every person you want to treat for x-mas is not as easy as one could think. I thought at those who have no time to / don’t want to go shopping in town: I made a selection of items that are all available on the online shop of H&M, all with a price tag that do not exceed 35E. And the best is: no shipping costs and a on-time delivery if you order this week. And no, this post is not sponsored by h&m but I really find this kind of service on top for this kind of occasion!


Here are the links of the list showed above:

1: Man sport jacket
2: make up powder and lipstick
3: carpet
4: candle holder
5: Teddy trophée
6: Fur hat
7: pumps
8: cushion
9: sporty smartphone case

Are you the kind of person that prepare gift months in advance or rather the last-minute person?

Photo credits: Title picture from livethemma, others: H&M online.
Collage: S. Eon for Her Things


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