DIY | Storage for spices


This could be a beautiful idea of a gift. I brought some fresh spices from my latest travel (I definitively have to upload the pictures of this travel on the blog) and the original packaging was… how to say… it did not correspond to my taste. (Was it tactful enough? ) So I came to the idea to DIY something totally different. Here is the tutorial to custom these adorable little jars. In the next DIY post, I will show you how I made the box and the gift tags. Concerning the jars:

You need:

  • as many mini jars as you want to offer (I had the one that have 45 mL volume)
  • mat black spray paint if the jar caps are not already black
  • embossing machine
  • spices

How to:


Clean the jars (a dishwasher is certainly convenient for that). Spray paint the caps if not already black, do not forget to respect the waiting time indicated on the spray can! Meanwhile, make as many labels as you have jars / sorts of spices with the embossing machine. Stick the labels on the jars, fill them with the corresponding spice. Et voilà!

Stay tuned for the DIY tutorials of the gift tags and the raw cardboard gift box!

Pictures, ideas and opinions are mine, please respect it and ask for further utilizations!

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