intimate concerts with famous artists


I found these videos lately: internationally famous artists that can fill stadiums… presented in a very intimate way. Nothing new for the songs that are filmed here but I found nice to see how people like Hozier, Adele or Phoenix look like in the real life. Without spotlights, fancy makeup or styling. Continue reading

Erfurt, a bit of architecture


Oh my. Time flies and a did not take care of this blog for quite a while now. Work, family and personal life made me kind of forget to write here! But here am I. Today I would like to share a bit of Erfurt (Germany) with you. This region is known for the great forest but the city is also very attractive since the most of the ancient buildings have been renovated in the past decade. A good example is the “Augstiner Kloster”, a religious complex build around 1300 and transformed, renovated several times since this date. Continue reading

Tastes of my childhood


Photo credits:  left / middle / right

The other evening, I ate something that remembered my nice moments of my childhood. One says that smells make our brain yield to hidden memories because the region responsible for smelling capacities is near the one that cares about memories. Since taste and smell are tightly connected, it seems legit that eating something in particular can help us remember a memory our brain associated with.

That is why I thought about the other things I used to eat / drink back to the early years of my life. Continue reading