Erfurt, a bit of architecture


Oh my. Time flies and a did not take care of this blog for quite a while now. Work, family and personal life made me kind of forget to write here! But here am I. Today I would like to share a bit of Erfurt (Germany) with you. This region is known for the great forest but the city is also very attractive since the most of the ancient buildings have been renovated in the past decade. A good example is the “Augstiner Kloster”, a religious complex build around 1300 and transformed, renovated several times since this date. Continue reading

Kaffeeklatsch time in Münster

Sometimes, as all human beings, one needs to take a break. At the week-end we do not always take the opportunity to enjoy a good coffee with some friends. But we should!

A good spot to do so in Münster is at “Grotes”, a stylish coffee / bar / restaurant in the “Kreuzviertel”.

GrotesLogo Continue reading

An Afternoon in Bückeburg


Last week I spend a day in Bückeburg. To be honest, there is not much more to see there than the castle and the mausoleum. However they are worth it! The noble family still lives in there but a part of the castle can be visited. If you are interested in horses, a stable with pure spanish and arab horses is opened to the visitors! Do not forget your student card to get a price cut…! Continue reading