The truth about Bling Bling

Did you see the latest movie made by Sofia Coppola this year?

First of all, I must say I did not see a lot of advertisement for this movie, what is a pity. I went to this movie with a friend. At the end we shared our impressions about it: I watched it without really think about it farther than as a pleasant moment. But my friend immediatly let me notice about something. In the story, adolescents steal expansive clothes, accessories and shoes from big villas in Los Angeles. And as spectator you cannot avoid to admit you would like to own those things too, if you could. Perhaps not steal it, but there are things everyone want and cannot afford.  It is the proof (and you can’t deny it) that you as well as your kind, are formated to consume pointless products. For instance: those wonderfull Louboutin shoes, you would buy it if you could, isn’t it? But why would you prefer spend way more than your monthly salary for these shoes than buy practical and comfortable shoes you could wear everyday? Perhaps to show you can do it, so you’re cool? See.

Moreover it seems that, to be cool, you need to wear expansive clothes AND be hypocrite. I don’t want to say more if you did not see the movie, but one thing: Emma Watson is a great actor.

To put it in a nutshell: Boys and girls, go see this movie. And try to think about it. (Not like I did in the first place…)

PS: Marie-Antoinette and Lost in translation are also good realizations of Sofia Coppola!


2 thoughts on “The truth about Bling Bling

  1. Yes! Exactly, I loved the movie because it makes you relate to the protagonists without judging them. I’m a big fan of Sofia Coppola and love all of her films (Somwhere included). Excellent post 🙂

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