Natural tones for a cozy winter

If you read this blog for a while, you may know that I would rather prefer smooth colors for christmas decoration to the traditional bold red/green craziness. A matter of tastes I guess! And since we have a retailer for the Scandinavian brand House Doctor in Münster, I could see their products “live”. I appreciated the natural tones and playful geometric patterns with a hint of vintage/old-fashion style. Here is my personal selection:

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Tropical feeling in Münster


I had a dream: it was summer in Münster, Germany. But this dream seems not to be realizable so I went where I know it is always 28 degree C and 70% humidity: the tropical pavilion of the botanical garden! Continue reading

Kaffeeklatsch time in Münster

Sometimes, as all human beings, one needs to take a break. At the week-end we do not always take the opportunity to enjoy a good coffee with some friends. But we should!

A good spot to do so in Münster is at “Grotes”, a stylish coffee / bar / restaurant in the “Kreuzviertel”.

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