Picles vs strawberries


We all European have a lot in common. But in some points we still are very different: the cultural environment in which each person is raised contributes to the development of ones personality and draws the frame of the things we thinks to be in the normality. It is at least what I think.

Since I live in Germany for since a quite long time now, I am able to notice that the german and the french cultures are deeply different. Even thoses tiny details make the difference. For instance the fact that the french pregnant women are supposed to develop a predilection for strawberries and chocolate, whereas the german pregnant women prefer… sweet pickles!

I heard about it (with the pickels-thing) as in a online magazine I read quite often a women wrote that the last weeks she tends to eat more sweet pickels… First I did not understand who could possibly be interested in the fact that she likes pickels. Then the reaction of the other readers came and in the first moments I did not realize the link between pickels and the congratulations for a pregnancy… sometimes I still feel like a foreigner here…

Photo credits: click on the pictures to see the source


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