The law of the better-looking


View of Paris from the terrace of the restaurant costes, on the roof of the Georges Pompidou museum.

Yesterday I read about the restaurants of the Hotels Costes, which are aimed to sort out their clients in function of their appearence. Beautiful people would be placed near the windows and on the terrace, while less goog looking people are only allowed to seat at the back of the reaturant’s room. Here is the article (in french, sorry). Isn’t it awefull? I already heard about some companies chosing their employees on their appearence (cf Abercombie and Fitch), but this time I find it worse: Costes has upgraded it to the next level, the clients!

This story reminded me a book i read as I still was at school: “La loi du plus beau”, written by Christophe Lambert. He draws a future were people are not “classified” in the society  by the amount of money they own, but by their appearence. There are laws to allow (or not allow) people to have a job or a house etc in function of their range in the beauty scale. (If you are a french reader,  I recommend to read this book! It is written for youg readers, but still good).


It is proved that sci-fi some authors were often right about the future they wrote about…


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