DIY: natural wall hanging with clay


Do you know the “wabi sabi” philisophy from Japan? It is about appreciating things as they are, with defects, marks and repairs, letting ager and see beauty in it. This means enjoying natural materials and let their aging process be a part of their natural life cycle. Continue reading

Golden times


Dear readers, I was absent here for quite a while now. But today I finally found the time to write here again! This time of the year is wonderful, in particular when the sun shines over the iced landscape every morning… love to wake up with such a beauty all around. So why not invite some winter feeling in the house? Continue reading



Puh. It’s been a while since I wrote here. It is certainly because I write a lot, for the moment. Not here and not so fun things, I write for my thesis. Anyway, I said last time I would post pictures of my trip to Portugal but I did not find/take the time to sort all my photos. So here something I did for me, to relax… You guessed it: online “lèche-vitrine”! The following pictures are a selection of nice things I spotted at H&M online. Continue reading