Summer style

It is like forever I wrote here. Actually 7 months! I was quite busy with a new job, ending a first study and beginning an second one. But as I scrolled through my virtual list of favorite items on Kleiderkreisel (, I couldn’t resist posting some outfit ideas that popped up in my brain… Continue reading


Style it up in summer


The weather is really nice over here in Germany these days and since not everyone is in vacation, I though it could be great to focus on mode that is suitable for the office. I made selection of nice pieces on, which I completed with items I found on well-known online-shops… And voilà! 3 good looking outfits for working women, summer edition! Continue reading



Here they are! The photos I took at the end of May, in Sintra. Sintra is a particular place in the neighborhood of Lisbon, where the rich and powerful folks of Portugal build their summer residences. There are all kinds of castles, from the fortified one from the middle age to the royal residences from the 20th century… We spend 3 days there for a marriage on a wonderful location and spend the rest time with sight seeing. The trip this far away from Germany was really worth it, even for such a short time. Continue reading



Puh. It’s been a while since I wrote here. It is certainly because I write a lot, for the moment. Not here and not so fun things, I write for my thesis. Anyway, I said last time I would post pictures of my trip to Portugal but I did not find/take the time to sort all my photos. So here something I did for me, to relax… You guessed it: online “lèche-vitrine”! The following pictures are a selection of nice things I spotted at H&M online. Continue reading