what to wear in summer… styling inspiration.

I already spoke about style in terms of simple staples and good accessories many times. Today I combined 5 styles around one cotton striped shirt, suitable for warm days in the city; I chose the following items from the collections on sales at the “standard” brand online shops, like mango, zara and so on, nothing complicated and easy to order online. Enjoy!


sandals | shirt | skirt | bag

Chic with snake leather sandals and a fresh hint of mint, suitable for a hot working day!


boots | shirt | trench | clutch

Casual and for eventually rainy days, the trench coat is a classic staple! Awake the whole outfit with a touch of sexy red.


sandals | shirt | short | bag

Rock&roll and elegant at the same time: combine leather flat sandals with a it-bag and you are in!


flats | shirt | skirt | bucket bag

Ethnic chic: a pearl and studs decorated skirt with a eye catching pattern, a robust bucket bag and sleek ballerinas for the chic part.


heels | shirt | short | bag

To stay classy by hot weather, combine casual and comfy linen short with leather heels.

Note:  it is important to feel good in your clothes, so look at the composition tag when you buy something. Chose cotton or linen for more comfort, these natural fibers will also age in a good way and feel increasingly smooth with time and washing cycles!

Photo credits: stradivarius, zara, mango, madewell, pimkie
Collages: S. Eon for herthings
All ideas and opinions are mine.


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