Fashion game: Jacket | shoes | bag


One more time, my list of favorite items on is full… and this time, full of jackets, bags and shoes. I don’t know why, but it seems that I kind of selected only items of these three categories. So I though I could play with it! Continue reading




In this period of the year, we all shopping-addicts go crazy. Why? One word: sales. Ha. So now you know what I mean! To save my wallet from all this craziness, I preferred to show you want I would by instead of buying it actually. Continue reading

what to wear in summer… styling inspiration.

I already spoke about style in terms of simple staples and good accessories many times. Today I combined 5 styles around one cotton striped shirt, suitable for warm days in the city; I chose the following items from the collections on sales at the “standard” brand online shops, like mango, zara and so on, nothing complicated and easy to order online. Enjoy!

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Winter sale, shopping inspiration

Winter sales just began and I gather all my will not to order on the Internet… Here are 4 ways to style the classic black slim trousers  you may already have with new fancy pieces for the winter, a mix of 3 styles I like: classy, rock and boho chic. Click on the words under the pictures to access to online-shops!

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