Here they are! The photos I took at the end of May, in Sintra. Sintra is a particular place in the neighborhood of Lisbon, where the rich and powerful folks of Portugal build their summer residences. There are all kinds of castles, from the fortified one from the middle age to the royal residences from the 20th century… We spend 3 days there for a marriage on a wonderful location and spend the rest time with sight seeing. The trip this far away from Germany was really worth it, even for such a short time. Continue reading

Let’s go to Turkey


Finally I take the time to write here… oh joy! Today I want to share with you my impressions about my first journey to Turkey, in May of this year. A very beautiful country, if you ask me! Let’s begin our tour by an excursion to the peninsula of Bodrum. I had the chance to be there right before the touristic season begins and the weather was just like I like it the most: 25 degree C and sunny. Continue reading