Here they are! The photos I took at the end of May, in Sintra. Sintra is a particular place in the neighborhood of Lisbon, where the rich and powerful folks of Portugal build their summer residences. There are all kinds of castles, from the fortified one from the middle age to the royal residences from the 20th century… We spend 3 days there for a marriage on a wonderful location and spend the rest time with sight seeing. The trip this far away from Germany was really worth it, even for such a short time. Continue reading


Greetings from Barcelona


As promised in my last post, here are some snapshots of my 2 days journey in Barcelona. It was my first time there and this city showed us its magic, despite the mixed weather. The beach, the southern architecture and the work of Gaudi everywhere turned this short trip into an escape in the catalan dolce vita… Continue reading