what to wear in summer… styling inspiration.

I already spoke about style in terms of simple staples and good accessories many times. Today I combined 5 styles around one cotton striped shirt, suitable for warm days in the city; I chose the following items from the collections on sales at the “standard” brand online shops, like mango, zara and so on, nothing complicated and easy to order online. Enjoy!

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Fresh summer in the house

For the summer it is pleasant to have light colors at home. But a all-in-white style does not fit everyone and it is nice to add some peps with hints of neon or fresh colors! The new collection at maisons du monde online shop is full of nice items for the house. I made my personal selection:

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Style lesson: accessorize!

In term of style,  “les accessoires” are your best friends: them can totally change an outfit! I think it is the best to own good quality basics and invest in nice accessories that fit your personality. Here I show you that with a simple white button up with a pair of slim fit jeans, you can create 3 very different styles just by adapting the shoes / jewelry / bag ensemble to your mood:

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