Fresh summer in the house

For the summer it is pleasant to have light colors at home. But a all-in-white style does not fit everyone and it is nice to add some peps with hints of neon or fresh colors! The new collection at maisons du monde online shop is full of nice items for the house. I made my personal selection:

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Natural summer at home

Desperately seeking for sun and warmth, I made a selection of accessoires that bring spring feeling at home. Linen, sisal fibers, wood and a bit of silver for sparkle and summer is here!all Continue reading

style guide: shopping selection for him and her

A lot of my friends thinks decoration is a “girl thing”. I do not think so. Everyone has tastes, the only thing is that not everybody knows how to apply those tastes to decoration stuff, where to find what they need to feel good and cosy at home. Here are some examples for him and her, and where to find these items. Boys and girls: enjoy!


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