Summer style

It is like forever I wrote here. Actually 7 months! I was quite busy with a new job, ending a first study and beginning an second one. But as I scrolled through my virtual list of favorite items on Kleiderkreisel (, I couldn’t resist posting some outfit ideas that popped up in my brain… Continue reading

Wardrobe essentials


A good friend of mine came over for the last days. As every good female friends, we spoke about outfits and so on. I think we share the same vision of fashion and we came to speak about the idea of the “capsule” wardrobe: this way, people choose to keep their wardrobe simple and limited to a few items they wear more often. Continue reading

Minimalistic style: 6 occasions to wear black&white


Soon Spring will pop up with colors and funny patterns in the coming clothes collections. But I still get attracted by black & white accessories and clothes: I noticed it first as I looked at the list of my favorite items on So I though I could show you today how I would wear them in the everyday life, while a monochromatic style keeps being fresh and the contrary of boring. Continue reading

Cosy winter outfit and new name

Hello there! I hope you had a nice start in the year, I wish you all the best for 2016! I took myself a long break and am all ready to start again on the blog. For those who follow me on instagram, you may notice I spend the last weeks at home, in Brittany. I still have to sort the pictures I made, so I can show them here. But first an outfit to start the year with a cosy but still chic style:

outfit Continue reading

Spring / Summer outfits

Clothes that are comfortable, simple and chic at the same time are not obvious to find. At least it is what I thought before I searched for it at the online store of H&M… I suggest in this post two combinations of pieces that are easy to wear and budget friendly: one with a dress and one with a pair of jeans. Stay simple, stay chic.dress Continue reading