Grandma’s carpet … revisited


Nowadays, everyone goes to the same stores, shop the same brands and like the same feeds on the Internet… Tough to get a personal style then! That is why the objects you get as a gift or that belong to your history are so valuable. And even if you think these are not compatible with a modern life style, please don’t throw it away! Today I set the focus on the beautiful Persian carpets that the generation of our grandmas bought for a lot of money, several decades ago. Back then, it was important to buy something with high quality and that will last. In most cases, they actually are still in good shape now! And  if, like me, you like high quality craftsmanship and beautiful handwork, you will want to keep using it. I styled a Persian carpet I found on sale on Ebay in two ways. In both stylings, the carpet gives a Californian boho vibe that warms up the atmosphere and give this little special touch…


lamp | table | chair
lamps | couch | couch table



lamp | couch
chairs | Table | couch tables


Collages and opinions: S. Eon for HerThings.
Pictures: click on the links below the images to access to the sources.


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