Golden times


Dear readers, I was absent here for quite a while now. But today I finally found the time to write here again! This time of the year is wonderful, in particular when the sun shines over the iced landscape every morning… love to wake up with such a beauty all around. So why not invite some winter feeling in the house? Continue reading


The beauty of details


We recently moved in a new flat and it is a great occasion to put all that decoration clutter aside. To just consider the empty space, white, pure and so restful. This is then the moment to carefully chose the pieces you want to be surrounded by. You can present them as single item, so they are highlighted and appear as unique piece of decoration. In the following selection, I took care of the details each piece owns. Continue reading

Natural tones for a cozy winter

If you read this blog for a while, you may know that I would rather prefer smooth colors for christmas decoration to the traditional bold red/green craziness. A matter of tastes I guess! And since we have a retailer for the Scandinavian brand House Doctor in Münster, I could see their products “live”. I appreciated the natural tones and playful geometric patterns with a hint of vintage/old-fashion style. Here is my personal selection:

all Continue reading

Home style in black and grey

I took a week off of the everyday hustle. It means no internet, no cell phone… just calm, sun and waves. Now I am back and I just feel like decluttering my home as well as my timetable! So this post is about interior in calm soft grey with a hit of black and wood. A good mix to add some serenity to the home with minimalistic accessoires: everything comes in use in the everyday life and is well deigned. Who needs useless decoration?all Continue reading