Chinese food: hand pulled noodles

Last year I posted here a lot of picture of my trip in South China (see them here). In Chengdu, the city internationally recognized for the panda park, we ate something I never saw elsewhere than in China: hand-pulled noodles.sq87ndkmvm7l2dky

Traditionally, only masculine Muslim Chinese are taught how to make it. I is really impressive to see how they create those thin noodles from a ball of doe, only with their hands!! Unfortunately, the video I made back then did not survive the update of our iPad at the arrival in Europe. So here is a video from Youtube:

After the “noodle-man” (this is how we named them as we were in China) made the noodles, they are cooked in boiling water for only a few seconds. Then freshly cooked vegetables and spicy sauce are added. The taste has nothing to do with the pastas from Italy, it is very fresh and delicious in its own way!

Source: Youtube, by djenry. Picture credits:


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