DIY: gift wrapping and greeting card

Bild1We approach Christmas and some of you may wonder how to wrap all the gifts you prepared. Here is a bit help; despite the gift and greeting card I present here are not for Christmas, I think it is also appropriated! Ingrid and André invited us to their wedding and I wanted something special for them. Feel free to take inspiration here and read the tutorial for more details!

Gift tag

You need:

  • A cutter
  • a card punch
  • grommets
  • thick paper

How to:

Cut the paper at the dimensions you want the tag to be ( 5×8 cm for me), punch a hole at one end. Stick a grommet on each side of the tag.
Bild2Note: I need 3m ribbon for a ~15x15x15cm box. Plan consequently!

Greeting card

Bild3You need:

  • thick white paper
  • a gold paint-pen and a crayon
  • a cutter
  • a ruler

How to:

Prepare the text with Word or similar: you will visualise how to organize the text on the page and choose a typography you like (I got inspired by the typo ‘Maratre’,  free download here). Draw carefully the lines you will follow to write straight on the paper. Draw / write the text (lightly, you want it to disappear easily afterwards). Write the final text with the paint-pen. WAIT for the paint to dry!! Rub out carefully the crayon traces.
Same technique for the text in the card!



You need:

  • thick paper, larger than the card
  • nice thin paper with patterns
  • double sided tape
  • a ruler, a cutter
  • an envelope

How to:

Fold out the envelope. Use it as a mask to draw the new envelope on the thick paper sheet, cut it out. Repeat for the thin patterned paper. Afterwards, cut the patterned paper a bit smaller, so it fits in the thick paper shape. Fold the thick paper piece. Stick the tape at one end of the thick paper piece and place the patterned shape on it. Then stick carefully the patterned shape from this end to the other, paying attention to the foldings of the thick paper shape. Close the sides of the envelope.


Photo credits: Herthings. These pictures are my property, please respect it and link to this website!


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