DIY project: advent candle holder

Christmas is at the corner and I don’t really like this explosion of kitsch in the air… I prefer a more toned decoration for this occasion. That is why I thought about what I could 1/ make myself (it is always more glorifying than by something) 2/ looks good 3/ is not so expansive to realize 4/ that I will still like next year. So I came with this out:final

I chose to make a 4 candles holder for the advent season. Since I needed the help a machine for industrial purpose, this post is more an inspirational tutorial than an “easy-peasy-at-home-makeable” tutorial. Okay?

What I needed (about 30E):

  • 4x big wooden pearls (70 mm diameter)
  • 8x middle size pearls (45 mm diameter)
  • 8x small size pearls (30 nm pearls)
  • 2x small half performed wood beads.
  • about 2m cotton rope
  • strong glue
  • a candle you project to used this holder for (as pattern). I used an ikea candle.


How to: Begin with the preparation of the 4 big pearls. They need to become flat on one side (so they stay stable on a table) and a borehole on the exact opposite “side”. The borehole should be so deep that you candle will hold vertical (approximately 25 mm) and have an adequate diameter for the candle (for mine, about 21 mm). Be careful not to drill too deep, otherwise you will reach the diametral perforation of the pearl.


Then you can begin to make a string out of the pearls. I begun with the “middle” of what would be the final string. One the first half was threaded, I cut enough rope at the other side to complete the string with the second half. When your are finished, shorten the exec of rope, spread some strong glue on it and pull it in the small half-performed beads on both ends of the string.


2015-11-22 12.08.43

Do you like it? Did you already do something similar?

Pictures: S. Eon for HerThings. These images are my property, do not use it without my acknowledgment.


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