DIY | gift tags


For the last DIY of the year, I will show you how to easily create your own gift tags! 

You need:

  • thick paper or thin cardboard (it is all question of point of view…) with the color you want your tags to have
  • a cutter and a metallic ruler
  • a pen
  • reinforcing disks for perforated documents
  • a normal puncher

How to:


Cut the cardboard at the dimensions you need the tag to be (I cut 7x4cm rectangular pieces). Mark and cut two angles (1 cm from the right angle on each edge). Mark the tag at half way (position 1 ; 2 cm) and punch a hole there. Use reinforcing sticky disks around the hole, repeat on the other side.

Now you can write a personal text or the name of the luckily person you want to treat! I used an embossing machine to add a vintage touch to my present.


Pictures, ideas and opinions are mine, please respect my property.


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