Gift packaging idea: Pokémon balls


The past week-end, I went to a wedding. The friends who married wished some money to finance their honey moon as guest gift. Also, it is tradition in Germany for the guests to organize some game related to the couple during the party. We had the idea to combine both: the couple would have to ‘earn’ its gift by winning a game. We choose the theme ‘ Pokémon, catch them all’ and we needed some Poké-balls to play. Continue reading

DIY: gift wrapping and greeting card

Bild1We approach Christmas and some of you may wonder how to wrap all the gifts you prepared. Here is a bit help; despite the gift and greeting card I present here are not for Christmas, I think it is also appropriated! Ingrid and André invited us to their wedding and I wanted something special for them. Feel free to take inspiration here and read the tutorial for more details! Continue reading