Gift packaging idea: Pokémon balls


The past week-end, I went to a wedding. The friends who married wished some money to finance their honey moon as guest gift. Also, it is tradition in Germany for the guests to organize some game related to the couple during the party. We had the idea to combine both: the couple would have to ‘earn’ its gift by winning a game. We choose the theme ‘ Pokémon, catch them all’ and we needed some Poké-balls to play. The couple would have to catch Pokémons (i.e. friends disguised with custom Pokémon masks) to get the Poké-balls filled with bank notes. Here is the way I created the balls.

You need:

  • red spray paint
  • 2x acrylic half-spheres  / ball ( I used 10 cm diameter spheres, available here)
  • thin black washi tape
  • broad white washi tape
  • a round awl
  • a black marker pen

How to in 3 steps:

1/ protect the outside of the half spheres and spray paint the inside. Proceed in several thin coatings. This way, you will keep the gloss of the acrylic balls and obtain a perfect finish without color defects.


2/ Apply the thin black tape at the edge of each painted haply sphere. The spheres I bought had an extra extern whole to hang the sphere. I hided it with help of the marker pen. ( see right picture)


3/ Use the round awl to cut the broad washi tape and stick the white dot in the front of the ball.

You can fill the balls before finishing with the front detail (white dot) or afterwards: the spheres can still be slightly opened, because only bonded at one point. Additionally, I drew a sign with the name of the bride and the groom in ‘Pokémon’ style.


We had a lot of fun, the guests as well as the bridal couple! What do you do for marriages?

Photo credits: S. Eon for HerThings. Please respect my property and do not use these images without my explicit permission.


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