DIY: Paper art, black tiles


Today I present my last creation: a wall art made with black and copper paper tiles. If you want to reproduce it at home, you do not need special skills, just patience!

You need:

  • a DIN A3 thick paper sheet
  • 2 DIN A3 thick black paper sheets
  • a bit of copper paper (like packaging left overs for examples)
  • narrow double faced adhesive tape
  • a round paper awl (I used one with a 2,5 cm diameter)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a ruler
  • a cutter

How to:


1/ if you use a 2,5cm diameter awl, trace parallel lines with a distance of 1,25cm between each on the thick DIN A3 paper sheet. Also mark the center of the sheet, and trace two vertical lines at 1,25cm aside this central line.

2,3/ make a lot (!) of black paper disks with the awl and some more in the copper paper. (This part costs the most time). Place the copper disks on the base paper as you want to have it in the final result. Mark those emplacements.

4/ Stick the adhesive tape just below the horizontals lines on the base sheet.

5,6/ place the first lines of tiles as showed on the pictures. Always begin in the middle and adjust the next tiles to the first ones, so you can keep a regular distance between the tiles over the whole surface.

7/ Stick a copper tile every time you meet a mark you did.

8/ when the whole base paper sheet is completed with tiles (as showed on the picture), then cut the sides so one cannot see the base paper sheet anymore.

You can frame it without glass for more 3D effect, or just hang it as I did on a picture display.



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