DIY: wall hanging hexagons


It is quite a long time I posted the last do-it-yourself tutorial. Lack of time I guess! But as I saw these wooden hexagons on sales lately, I couldn’t resist buying them and pass them a new background. I decided to make one with paper tiles (as I created in this post) and one with a lighter background to highlight a little greenery. To reproduce my hexagons:


1- cut a piece of cardboard ( I used a side of a Müsli-package) at the dimension / shape of the background of the hexagon
2/3/4- Follow the instruction given here for the tiles.
5-once the cardboard is covered with tiles, cut the excess of tiles.
6- place the fabricated background in the hexagon, push it in until it fits to the ground of the hexagon. If needed, use double sided tape to stick the back of the cardboard to the wooden structure.

You can do the same with another pattern on the background, or write whatever you want!

Photo credits: S. Eon for HerThings
The ideas and opinions are mine, as well as the pictures.


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