Take care of your stuff


Today is the 2nd birthday of this blog and I am proud to see how much people are following me here! I don’t make any advertising or similar and it is a pleasure to know you are here, dear readers: you came your own way to this website and I thank you for reading my articles.

Speaking of anniversary and age, I would like to remember you to take care of your belongings. The consumption society we are living in gives us everyday the possibility to buy something new and we easily forget to take care of what we already possess. It is now summer sales and I realized that I prefer the things I already have than those which are in stores!That is why I decided to treat my leather bag with specific oil, so it can live longer. If you want to do the same, I can recommend this leather oil from the brand tapir (find the oil here).


Do you treat your leather accessories sometimes? Do you prefer to buy something new or rather cherish your belongings?

Photo credits: S. Eon for herthings


2 thoughts on “Take care of your stuff

  1. Bonjour Soizic,
    en France on trouve de l’huile de pied de boeuf (eh oui !) et c’est ce que je connais de mieux pour le cuir : blouson, sac, canapé etc…Mais j’essaierai de me procurer ce que tu proposes.

    • Je ne connais pas exactement la composition de cette huile. Je connaissais aussi l’huile de pied de bœuf, mais j’ai reçu celle-ci en cadeau: elle fonctionne bien!

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