DIY: summer necklace


It is quite a long time I did not post a DIY tutorial here… But this one is simple and the result very satisfying!2

For a necklace in summer look, chose natural materials with colors from the same palette. To make this one, you need:

  • 6 small and 13 larger silver rings, a silver clasp
  • 5 silver metallic rosaces
  • about 50cm leather yarn
  • wool in the color you want
  • 5 pearls
  • transparent plastic yarn
  • a sewing needle, scissors, a pair of pliers

How to:

Begin with the pompoms, as shown below. (For this operation, use the larger rings)3

Then “sew” the pompoms to the rosaces through the pearls with the transparent yarn. Make a string of rosaces with the smaller rings, put a small ring a each ends of the “string”. Prepare the leather yarn, as explained in the following pictures (with the larger rings).4

Place the unfinished necklace around your neck and judge how long you want the result to be: mark the leather yarn at this place. Repeat the process described in the previous pictures to end the yarn where you decided to. Attach the clasp to the end rings of the necklace.

Pimp your outfit with this summer touch!

Photo credits: Herthings.  All this pictures are my property, do not use it for any purpose I am not aware of.

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