Stones and Nudes


Last time I wrote here, I spoke about minimalistic wardrobes. Today I show you a selection of items that also can be combined all together, but this time not in black and white! Continue reading


Wardrobe essentials


A good friend of mine came over for the last days. As every good female friends, we spoke about outfits and so on. I think we share the same vision of fashion and we came to speak about the idea of the “capsule” wardrobe: this way, people choose to keep their wardrobe simple and limited to a few items they wear more often. Continue reading

DIY Monthly organizer

I know, it is not really the time of the year when people usually search for calendars. But I moved in a new apartment at the beginning of the month and since my boyfriend and I have dissimilar life rhythms, we found necessary to own a common calendar to organize our time. I find that an a analog version, traditionally hung on the wall of the kitchen, would be perfect. This way, I made this:


In case you were wondering what this is: a DINA3 monthly organizer. Wanna make the same? Here you go! Continue reading

Minimalistic style: 6 occasions to wear black&white


Soon Spring will pop up with colors and funny patterns in the coming clothes collections. But I still get attracted by black & white accessories and clothes: I noticed it first as I looked at the list of my favorite items on So I though I could show you today how I would wear them in the everyday life, while a monochromatic style keeps being fresh and the contrary of boring. Continue reading

Home style in black and grey

I took a week off of the everyday hustle. It means no internet, no cell phone… just calm, sun and waves. Now I am back and I just feel like decluttering my home as well as my timetable! So this post is about interior in calm soft grey with a hit of black and wood. A good mix to add some serenity to the home with minimalistic accessoires: everything comes in use in the everyday life and is well deigned. Who needs useless decoration?all Continue reading

Style lesson: accessorize!

In term of style,  “les accessoires” are your best friends: them can totally change an outfit! I think it is the best to own good quality basics and invest in nice accessories that fit your personality. Here I show you that with a simple white button up with a pair of slim fit jeans, you can create 3 very different styles just by adapting the shoes / jewelry / bag ensemble to your mood:

1 Continue reading

Black and white simplicity

With the sun pointing out for spring arrives the need of clarity, simplicity and the will to declutter the entire house. Or at least it is what the media say we need to. So, if you want to follow the trend and live with functional furniture that have a simple and pure design, here is a selection I made for you: simplicity, black and white, quality and comfort are the key words!

B&Wsimplicity Continue reading