DIY: jewelry organizer

Being quite busy lately I did not take the time to write here. But I hope this easy do it yourself tutorial will make it all better and help you have a good start in the week! Remember an earlier post in which I showed you how to store earrings on a cheese grater? It is fine but not so easy for storing the smaller earrings. I had another idea for those.1

I had this transparent cases from Depot but my jewelry was just a mess in it and I had to search for the second earring every time. Now it is all neat!

You need:

  • a middle-thick sheet of plastic, like a transparency for an overhead projector
  • a hammer and a punch (both can be found in the ikea tool box)


How to:
Cut the transparency in small pieces (I made 2,5 x 2,5 cm piece) and punch 2 holes in it. And… you are already done!



I also used pieces of the transparency to organize my rings.




How do you organize your stuff in the bathroom?


Photo credits: Herthings


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