DIY: Paper planter

2014-06-15 22.37.39

I saw a lot of these planters made of paper in the decoration magazines, or on Pinterest. With the color and aspect of paper, it gives a natural touch in the room. Of course, the first reaction is to think: “a planter made of PAPER?? but plants need to be watered! And paper + water = bad combination!”. Yes but. One can also be ingenious… Continue reading

DIY: Paper set

As I explained last time, I made several gifts by myself for christmas. Here is the second gift I made for a friend of mine who just created her own enterprise: a paper set for the office, composed of a calendar, a notebook and a set with pens, visit cards and post it. It is very easy to do: basically you just need Power point, thicker paper and  a printer… follow the following instructions to do it yourself!

2013-12-17 20.47.03

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DIY: Leather earrings

My boyfriend had an old leather belt he did want to throw away. BUT this belt is made of a really beautiful and good quality leather and I did not want to waste such a great material. So I had some ideas to recycle it… This is the first one, the easiest: use a punch to cut circular pieces out of the leather (about 1,5 or 2 cm diameter) and glue an earring base at the back. So you know got new earrings for less than 2 euros!! Enjoy!

2013-11-21 21.07.07 2013-11-21 21.20.17 2013-11-21 21.25.17PS: you can pimp it by painting the sides with colorful water paint (do not dilute the paint too much, so the leather does not absorb too much water)