I fell in love with booties. Yes, it can happen. Do not judge, I like shoes. So. I though about reasons why I should buy them, although I already have a lot (no, I won’t say how many) of shoes… Here are some combinations with the booties of my heart, so you can see by yourself how nice they are… I do not take any responsibilities if you like them too after seing the following 3 outfits!

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Natural summer at home

Desperately seeking for sun and warmth, I made a selection of accessoires that bring spring feeling at home. Linen, sisal fibers, wood and a bit of silver for sparkle and summer is here!all Continue reading

Winter sale, shopping inspiration

Winter sales just began and I gather all my will not to order on the Internet… Here are 4 ways to style the classic black slim trousers  you may already have with new fancy pieces for the winter, a mix of 3 styles I like: classy, rock and boho chic. Click on the words under the pictures to access to online-shops!

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