Wardrobe essentials


A good friend of mine came over for the last days. As every good female friends, we spoke about outfits and so on. I think we share the same vision of fashion and we came to speak about the idea of the “capsule” wardrobe: this way, people choose to keep their wardrobe simple and limited to a few items they wear more often. This trend arose recently and I see it as a natural and healthy reaction against the short living trends and the ever growing consumption behaviors. Of course you own less, meaning you consume less (more money in the pocket!!) and lose less time to chose your clothes every morning. Following this discussion, I thought about what I would keep if I must chose the clothes I prefer and wear the most. This is the list of what I spontaneously ended up, the things that would constitute the core of my (ideally) minimalistic closet:





Shirts : grey | black | button down | denim
Leather jacket
Blazer: black | nude | tux
Jeans: black | destroyed | short | white
Bags: studded | cross-body | bucket
Sneakers: leo | slippers | silver
Flats: leo | silver | black
Heels: black | wedges | laced up

Of course I would add some dresses and skirts! To make it interesting, some jewelry would do the trick! Were you ready to drastically reduce your closet to the strip minimum if it really helps to save time and money?

Collages / ideas and opinions: S. Eon for HerThings.
Photo credits: click on the links below the collages to access to the sources.


2 thoughts on “Wardrobe essentials

  1. Hey Liebes ,

    das hast du echt auf den Punkt gebracht . An sich reichen ein paar coole Basics ,die man mit Accessoires
    Danke für die tollen Inspirationen …Shit ,dass ich gestern wie ne Irre shoppen war …hihi

    • Hey! Schön, dich hier zu treffen!
      Jaaaaa. Ich weiß. Ich glaube, es weiß es sogar jeder. Aber schoppen ist einfach geil!
      Danke für den netten Kommentar!

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