3 classics, 3 updates


Hello there! I stayed silent here the last couple of weeks because I moved to another city. It means a lot of new things and a lot of work! But the most is achieved and I can sit at my desk to write this new post. I saw this Burberry shirt on sale at vinted.com and I though it could be fun to talk about the ‘classics’ that are told to be must-haves for every woman. ‘Classic’ can also mean ‘boring’, so it might be important to carefully chose the pieces you will combine with it. Here I show you 3 classic pieces, combined in modern and fresh outfits: a burberry button-up, a wool hat and a trench coat.


shirt | shorts | top
sandals | leather tote


hat | skirt | coat
necklace | booties


trench | rucksack | shirt
sandals | shorts

Do you own such classic and timeless pieces? How do you wear it? Tell me more!

Collages &  ideas: S. Eon for Her Things
Photo credits: These pictures were taken by private persons. click on the links below each image to access to the sources.


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