1 denim shirt, 3 outfits


If it is quite a long time since I wrote here, it’s because the last weeks were busy at work. Perhaps you will pardon my long silence with this new post about how to combine a denim shirt! The denim shirt is a staple piece in every wardrobe, and this since several generations. It gives this cool touch that will turn every outfit into a casual look. The 3 following outfits are only an abstract of the endless possibilities!


shoes | shirt | fake fur

Take your cowgirl-self to a trip in the city with this piece of fake fur and raw leather booties!


shirt | necklace | flats

A bit of boho chic doesn’t kill anyone. It just makes you prettier…


shirt | booties | clutch

Combine denim with romantic pattern and powder rosé, so you can enter spring on the bright side!

Which one is your favorite?

Collages: S. Eon for Her Things
Photo credits: the foots ware made by private persons, click on the links to access to the sources.

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