Make your own diary


Professional, personal, electronic, paper, calendar… everyone needs an interface to organize their time and not forget appointments: begin a new year equals new diary.  It may be old fashioned but I like to write, cross off, and bring some colors in a paper version… and it is a nice way to remember the events of the past years when you take a look at your old agendas/diaries. This is the reason why I begin a new paper diary every January and this year I chose to make it myself. This article is a tutorial to reproduce it for you, with free downloadable design!


You need:

  • a sheet of thick transparent plastic foil (format DIN A4)
  • 13 sheets of thick white paper (format DIN A4)
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • thick adhesive tape, special for book binding
  • a printer
  • yarn and a needle
  • the free downloadable design (download the pdf file here: agenda)

How to in 4 steps:

And you are done! I use the white pages between every month for notes and “to do” lists. I would enjoy seeing your version of this calendar: feel free to post photos and comments below this article.


The pictures and ideas are mine, please respect my property.


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