Cosy winter outfit and new name

Hello there! I hope you had a nice start in the year, I wish you all the best for 2016! I took myself a long break and am all ready to start again on the blog. For those who follow me on instagram, you may notice I spend the last weeks at home, in Brittany. I still have to sort the pictures I made, so I can show them here. But first an outfit to start the year with a cosy but still chic style:


scarf | jeans | sweater | bag | pumps

Already want it all… What do you wear in winter?

My adorable boyfriend offered us (me and the blog) a brand new link for Her Things:

So now, no need to add “wordpress”! If you saved the address of the blog in your browser ,nothing changes for you. But if you like this blog, feel free to share the new link: every new reader is welcome!

What changes for you in 2016?

Collage: S. Eon for her things
Photos: the picture were made by private persons. Please find the links to the sources below the image.


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