1 pair of shoes, 2 styles


The last times I made a series of different outfits combined with 1 central item, I got quite a good feed back. So I wanted to show you that the item you want to combine does not have to be a basic: this time I chose a pair of golden (!) pumps. Not convinced? See by yourself: the result is 2 outfits, one modern and wearable in the everyday life, the second more sophisticated for a glamorous evening out.urbanchic

pullover | top | bag
jeans | shoes

I would totally wear this to go to work. I have to admit, I am quite in love with this raw leather handbag…
For the second outfit, the cut of the jacket, the pattern of the dress make the touch-of-something-fresh and make the outfit a bit sophisticated, while a pop of red thanks to the clutch give it the final glamorous touch.


jacket | pumps
clutch | dress

Of course all of this items are second hand… Could you say it at first sight? I bet you did not!

Photo credits: these pictures were made by private persons, the link to the source images are to find below each collage.
Collages: S. Eon for HerThings.


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