Thrifted style: minimalistic chic

Sunday is always a good day for second hand finds. People do have more time on the week-end to publish new items online. On your side, you can comfortably sit on your couch, sip a cup of tea… and do some relaxed shopping. That is how, after a long working day (yes, on Sunday) I found those treasures within a few minutes, in the feed of Kleiderkreisel. Not bad, hu?


coat | sweater | bag
boots | waxed jeans | leather cuff

This outfit is totally in the “minimalistic chic” trend: natural colors and materials, simple cuts. The details of the sweater and the boots as well as the fitted shape of the trousers give the feminine look. Meanwhile, I really tend to acquire this lovely handbag….

Following the publication of my last posts with thrifted outfits from the german online platform, I had the request to give the link to the french version of this platform. Here you go: Enjoy!!

Picture: the photos were made by private persons. The sources of the photos are linked in the caption of the collage.
Collage: S. Eon for HerThings


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