Snapshots from Istanbul


In my last post here, I showed some boho chic pieces… what is the best place for this style than Istanbul? As promised before, here are some pics of my journey to Istanbul, back in May. The title picture is taken from the European side of the big city, from the terrace of a roof top restaurant called 360 degrees (see website here). I do NOT recommend the food of this restaurant, it is expansive and not tasty… but go there for a coffee and enjoy the view! From this place, you can also see a church from the top:1

It kind of remembered me the view we had in NYC from the Top of the Rock on the Saint Patricks cathedral… All scaled down, of course. In Istanbul, a lot of nice boutiques and coffee shops pop up side to side with traditional restaurants and thea houses. We enjoyed a really good coffee at MUZ (couldn’t find a website for them).


We stayed 4 days and, as every tourist, we went to the Golden horn to see the Hagia Sofia…

3 4 5

… the blue Mosque…

6 7

… the Harem in the Topkapi Palace…

8 9

… from there we could have the best view on the Bosphorus:


If you are in Istanbul, take a day for an excursion on the Bosphorus and go to its end. You will enjoy the view of nice little agglomerations on the river side and eat very tasty and fresh fish in a restaurant, on the mountains near the estuary. We were lucky to see dolphins!

11 12 13

This is the estuary of the Bosphorus, open to the Black Sea.


Photo credits: S. Eon for her things. These pictures are mine, pleas ask before using them.


5 thoughts on “Snapshots from Istanbul

  1. when I look at your pictures, I remember the travel at Istambul 25 years before.
    Your picture of the blue Mosque is beautiful.
    Thanks for that

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