On the way to happiness


Sometimes things can get stressful at work, you do not have the possibility to see your beloved… and it all affect your mood. At least it is what I experienced quite often in the last months. So to make life easier and feel better in my head and my body, I try to enjoy the little things life offers…

  1. Buy a slouchy french cheese and fresh bread, eat it on my balcony and do not care about the smell and calories…slow
  2. Take a break of my computer screen, sit comfortably on the couch and read a good magazine from the beginning to the end. Bet you do not do it often…!Teller
  3. After a long day working, stop by the grocery store and buy the ingredients for this recipe you wanna try since half a year: cook for yourself and enjoy a meal cooked with love for you, by you. You will thank yourself. And that is also important!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djlDeFCVOHg
  4. Take a second to search in your spotify account for your favorite artist from the time you were an adolescent: I think the last time I heard a song of Outcast was in 2000 and I enjoyed their latest album this week! Quite nice to re-discover them.


  5. Make some sport. Not just because you want to loose weight or you need to move you body more than just the fingers on the keyboard, but to enjoy it and be satisfied of yourself. I practice Thae Bo and Squash: punching in the air could sound awkward but it really has something stress relieving!


  6. Enjoy to go to bed in freshly washed linens…1-2-3-4
  7. Hang pictures of your beloved on the wall, instead of the ikea-picture or the usual posters everyone knows…


  8. Take care of your body. After a relaxing ht shower, take the time to cream your face / legs etc. You will feel better!
  9. Do not overbook the week-end. Plan to do nothing. It help to have time!
  10. Take the time to live! No work deadline is more important than your health…

Photo credits: Herthings. Click on “source” to find the source of each picture I used from foreign websites.


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