Men style, how to wear a smartphone

We all have world-class problems. Like, for instance, not buy the extra large cell phone you dream of because you are a man, and a man’s jeans pocket is too small for it. And wearing a bag as a man is not manly. It is least what the men I know think and so have struggles with the size of their future / wanted cell phone. I think in the contrary that wearing a handbag is not not manly. You just have to choose the right one! So my friends, I made a selection of “manly” bags and shoes to combine with them: do not come again with your “but it is not manly”. You will thank me later for being able to carry your giant cell phone…


1: bag, shoes | 2: bag, shoes
3: bag, shoes | 4: bag, shoes
5: bag, shoes | 6: bag, shoes

What is your opinion on men wearing handbags?

Photo credits: Zara men, Monoqui, Zalando
Collage: Her Things


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