DIY: framed typo


Easy do it yourself tutorial: how to create a personalized typography with a picture taken in vacations and a foil of backing paper / waxed paper!

you need:

  • a foil of waxed paper (I used regular backing paper)
  • a frame with the dimensions of your picture (I used one from ikea, NYTTJA in 21x30cm)
  • a nice picture
  • a cutter

how to:



1/ Prepare the needed material

2/ Open the frame, we will use the paper sheet that is already inside (because it already has the right dimensions for the frame): DO NOT put it in the trash!

3/ Draw the letters of the text you want to write on this paper sheet. Be careful to center the letters! Of course you can also print a text written on computer if you do not feel comfortable with drawing. Advice: use a typo in which the different parts of the letters are not “connected”, so not piece of paper is loose (for example for A or O in the middle).

4/ Place the backing paper (cut at the right dimensions) on your drawing, the letters will appear per transparency. Cut the letters out (use a support to not damage your table underneath…! )



5/ place the cut paper in the frame, then the picture. (Eventually cut the picture to the needed dimensions for the frame) Close the frame. Tadaaa!


Photo credits: Herthings. Please link the pictures to this webpage if you want to use it!




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