North Brittany: Le Val André

2014-08-13 18.03.10

On the west side of Saint Brieuc (Côtes d’Armor, France) there are wonderful beaches and little paradises.

Good to know: in this region water comes and go 2 times a day and you better check when planning to swim. Indeed going 500m from your towel to water is not so nice if it’s windy! Plus, strong waves can pull you to open sea while withdrawing. Otherwise, upcoming waves will be perfect to surf!

Here are some pictures of Pléneuf Val André.

2014-08-13 20.09.51 2014-08-13 20.23.24 2014-08-13 20.23.47

For admiring the view, take dinner at the Casino (infos here), just above the beach. They make REAL crème brûlée (I mean, one with a hard crust and  a lot of calories) and have a nice muscadet. We also enjoyed very affordable and delicious moules frites and poulet à la plancha. (16,50 euros for main course + desert + wine) Try it!2014-08-13 19.41.48

If you want to see something colorful, go in a windy afternoon at the beach named “plage de la Ville de Berneuf”. I promise, the show worths it!

DSC_0597DSC_0599DSC_0611DSC_0617DSC_0603 DSC_0615

Kite surf, char à voile (sand yacht), wind surf and every invention than uses a sail, wheels air both are to be seen on this gigantic playground! If you want to rent one of these or take some lessons, have a look here.


Photo credit: these pictures are mine, so please respect my property and link the photos to this website if you want to use it.


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